What Is Sexual Harassment?

The law that defines sexual harassment sets the baseline or floor. Together, we can be proactive in creating more respectful workplaces by holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Harassment can be described as any hostile, offensive, or unwelcome behavior related to sex or gender, motivated by sexual interest, gender stereotypes, dislike of people because of their gender, or by other reasons related to sex or gender.

Often, it’s easier for us to understand what sexual harassment is by seeing examples of it. Click here to see a listing of the sexual harassment behaviors that Hawai‘i survey respondents have experienced and witnessed.

Resources for Hawai‘i Employers and Employees

Sexual harassment is sometimes a black and white issue but has many shades of gray. Safe Places & Workplaces offers clarity on the complex issue of sexual harassment. It is also a place of transformation, where respectful dialogue can move us forward. Everyone in Hawai‘i is a part of the solution.

Safe Spaces & Workplaces researched and gathered credible resources to help you create a safe workplace so that we can all move forward together.

Resources for Employers

Hawaii Employers Council, WorkLife Hawaii, and ProService resources are membership– or client–based.



Human Resources Consulting and Advising


Coaching of Accused Harassers

Employee Communications

Resources for Victims

To file a complaint

To find a lawyer


Hawai'i Harassment Survey

A recent survey reveals the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment in the state of Hawai‘i.

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Hawai'i Stories

Safe Spaces & Workplaces has gathered local stories highlighting both the successes and challenges of creating safe spaces.

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