We Are Hawai‘i

In Hawai‘i, we have a special way of sharing our deepest thoughts and emotions. We are open with family, close friends, and others we trust. We don’t like to draw attention to ourselves, make waves, or get anyone in trouble.

That’s why it’s important to be advocates for each other, encourage each other to be courageous, and strive to continually improve the quality of work life for everyone.

Breaking the Silence

Safe Spaces & Workplaces gathered local stories from employers who highlight both the successes and challenges of creating safe spaces.

For the first time, individual employees feel emboldened to come forward to share their stories too. Some individual names and organizations have been withheld or changed to protect their privacy, and the details of the real-life stories have been included so that others can learn from their experiences.

We have the ability to create change.

Local Workplace Stories

Taking Bold Steps to Create Safe Spaces

"I believe that everyone deserves a great employee experience, which is predicated on feeling safe and respected in their workplace."

—  Beth Whitehead,
Chief Administrative Officer and Executive VP, American Savings Bank

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Embracing Responsibility

"The most important way is to create a work culture of respect. (Harassment is) less about sex and more about power."

—  Michael Broderick,
President and CEO, YMCA of Honolulu

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Safe Spaces for Housekeepers

"Victims are often frightened to come forward because their job matters so much to their livelihood and families. Language and cultural barriers make these situations even more challenging."

—  Guest Services Manager,
O‘ahu hotel

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Our Story

Safe Spaces & Workplaces was born out of lived experience and need. Although the origin can be traced to the experiences of two Hawai‘i women and their desire to be a part of creating a better future for our community, it is a shared story among many individuals.

Find out more about personal stories of Rachael Wong and Karen Tan.

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