Our Vision

Safe Spaces & Workplaces envisions workplaces in Hawai‘i where everyone is treated respectfully so that employees and organizations can reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end workplace sexual harassment in Hawai‘i through collaboration. We seek to accelerate the adoption of already changing social norms in a way that is aligned with Hawai‘i’s special cultural values.

The Safe Spaces & Workplaces Initiative rallies our community around ending workplace sexual harassment in Hawai‘i by transforming workplaces, offering training and resources for local employers and employees, and creating safe spaces for sharing experiences and engaging in difficult conversations.

Our Values

In the islands, we value mutual respect, inclusion, diversity, and ‘ohana, honoring keiki to kūpuna. We bring these same qualities to addressing the challenges of sexual harassment.

Safe Spaces & Workplaces builds on our shared values and affirms the aloha spirit to catalyze change and create more respectful and productive workplaces, today and for future generations. We all want to be treated with respect in work settings and recognize that collaboratively we can find clarity and nurture a brighter future.